Use this page to find and add cool links.

Wordle - create art out of your vocabulary words.
Vocabulary - practice vocabulary for your grade level.
vocab tests online - online vocab practice and tests for any grade level; includes SAT prep and AP vocabulary Visit Brainyflix to win itunes gifts!! Have fun learning new SAT vocabulary. A great place to learn and share your knowledge!
Flashcards - this is just one of the sites you can use to make flashcards. Search for the ones I created for your class (I give you the name on your page).
Kids'Zone - This site seems to be designed for younger students but it has a nifty graph-maker tool and other resources.
StudyIsland - This site has practice questions for the Keystone Literature exams. Use your last name and first initial @nsd and then the password you selected to login.
Scoring Prompts - practice scoring writing prompts
Mywebspiration - Just like the Inspiration program on our laptops, this site allows you to access the same technology at home. You can download your finished product into the existing Inspiration program at school.
MixBook - Create your own photo albums and projects then buy a copy.
Kerpoof - a moviemaking website with animation
American Folklore - a collection of US folk stories to use with the Romantic period assignment
Compendium of Lost Words - a collection of superior words from The Phrontistery
Commonly Confused Words - a collection of words often used incorrectly. This site also includes practice exercises!
Spelling Bee - an interactive site that tests spelling
Science Terms you should know! - use this to review for the science PSSA
Bless this Chick - create your own avatar for websites
Fallacious Arguments - a list of fallacies and examples
PowToon - animation software

Research Links
Research steps - useful steps and tips for the research process
Idea Generator - Old Dominion University's list of subtopics to help you brainstorm
Identifying credible sources and avoiding the big P - from the University of Maine
Research OWL - Purdue's tips for the new MLA update
Google Scholar - this branch of the popular Google search engine finds articles and relevant links that you can actually use!
EasyBib - a bibliography generator. You supply the data and this site will format it using the new MLA, APA, or Chicago style.
In-text MLA documentation guidelines - a quick-guide from Penn State's library. Appears in PDF format for easy downloads.
More In-text documentation guidelines - this is the one we looked at in class.
Even More In-text documentation guidelines - this works well for analysis papers too. From Columbia College of Missouri.
Writing Numbers in MLA - a resource from Purdue's OWL online writing center
Rationcination -
Thesis Generator - this is a bit simplistic, but it will help you get started
Thesis statement help - some samples and helpful hint
Thesis Statement examples - easy to follow

General Writing Resources

Formal Tone
Formal Tone - PDF from Temple

Helpful sites for writing a literary analysis paper:

Writing Center of Northeast Alabama Community College
Bucks County Community College
The Owl at Purdue
University of North Caroline Writing Center
PDF from RBHS - this document contains samples and step-by-step directions all in an easy format

SOAPSTone Text Analysis - use when analyzing non-fiction texts


Poetry Out Loud
Poetry Foundation
Poetry Archive
Poetry Analysis directions
Analysis PDF guide
Purdue's OWL online poetry guide
Looking at a poem (Mississippi State)
More Analysis Paper help

Effect on me

Poems for memorization:
Do Not Go Gentle - Dylan Thomas
All the World's A Stage (from Ase You Like It) - William Shakespeare
The Kraken - Alfred Tennyson
Theme for English B - Langston Hughes
O Captain! My Captain! - Walt Whitman
For Whom the Bell Tolls - John Donne

American Dream Project Resources

America in Class - __ - primary source and secondary sources for am history
Transcendentalism Resources
Puritan Resource
Revolutionary Resources - Primary
Revolutionary Resources - Secondary
Animaker - __ - make animated videos with drag and drop
PowToon - __ - make animated videos in paper slides style (&others)
Piktochart - __ creating professional info graphic - __ - info graphic creating tools
Canva - __ - tool for creating headers or posters
emaze - __ - online presentation creator like prezi uses html 5
Sway - __ - web app for creating presentations in a new way can import from power point
Story Bird - __ - digital story-making
StoryBoard That - __https://www.storyboardthat.com__ - drag and drop story board free 2 per week
Pathbright - __ - create digital portfolios of work to showcase in various situations.
WeVideo - __ - like iMovie has apps. Story board or time line can work in cloud
CuePrompter - __ - teleprompter on your computer screen
Quiettube - __ - get all the distractions of YouTube
Tube Chop - __ - to chop up videos
Video Notes - __ - all notes you type are synced with the video and time tag
Vizia - __ - video-based quizzes using multiple choice, short answer, or poll questions
ThingLink - __ - making images and videos interactive and add more information
ClassTools - __ - quick game, quiz, activity and diagram (& more) creation
Triventy - __ - collaboratively create review quizzes and games

Study References

The Cornell Note Taking System - by the University of Florida