The Red Wheelbarrow, is a short poem written by author, William Carlos Williams. This poem was originally published without a name in 1923. The narrator begins addressing the poem with the fact that everything in this world depends on one single red wheelbarrow. If you do not have it or you cannot use it, there’s not much else that can be done. It displays some suspense, which is helpful to the reader, so they can think in depth about the poem and the words being read or spoken. It begins with almost a “black and white” type of feeling, then Williams throws some color into it, to make you think just a bit more and to imagine what you are reading, as if it is being displayed right in front of your eyes.

She's Gone is a short poem by Wendy Oughtred. This poem is about the narrator talking about a lost loved one they dearly loved. The narrator talks about how love is fragile and to hold onto it and remember it before they die. The narrator talks about how after she left it was an unbearable silence and how she slipped away without a final word goodbye. In my powtoon, I used the poem and created a little family where I showed how the family was affected after the mother died. I used this poem because I can relate to the idea of loneliness after I have lost several loved ones close to me this past year.

Shel Silverstein is normally known as a children poet, especially as most of his poems are, for the most part, short and sweet. yet, he often manages to embed many of his poems with message that can be appreciated by even older audiences. In this poem he discusses the fact that, at one time, he understood nature and all of the accompanying ideas. He states that as he grows older, he has lost that skill and is no longer connected to the forces around him. He laments not knowing this any more and the listener gets a nostalgic feel. he recorded himself reading the poem and included it in an album of poems read from Where the Sidewalk Ends.

Rupi Kaur’s untitled poem is a realistic tale on the true feelings of losing someone. Kaur believes, as noted in the poem, that moving on will be the key to having a successful future. She is able to take a realistic viewpoint on this matter and make it relatable to whoever may stumble upon it. Kaur is a poet from today, so her work is meant to revolve around modern social injustices and controversies. Overall, as the reader will begin to dig into the heart of her poems, they will discover a cave full of twists and turns that are just waiting to be explored.

Shel Silverstein is known for his fun little poems, as he is an American poet, singer and song writer, cartoonist, screenwriter, and childrens author. Snowball is a childrens poem. However, I think it is about someone making something, just have it leave and leave something to remember it by. In the poem, he makes a snowball and is leaves, but not before it leaves a puddle behind. i believe that Snowball is meant to be a childrens poem with a deeper meaning behind it, but one that is hidden by specific diction and youthful connotations.

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Walt Whitman is considered to be one of America's most groundbreaking poets. In this poem he is portraying a classic romantic scene where everything is slowed down and there is a connection between two lovers from across a room. Although I did not necessarily do that too well with this animation, that was how I interepreted the poem when I read it. It does seems kind of silly that the "Bard of Democracy," the poet and journalist who loves his country and democracy so, would write such a cheesy, romantic poem. Although this was the case, the poem is a small glimpse of what his works are like: open to playing with form.
- Shayla VanHorn

Shel Silverstein was an American poet and an author of children's books. Silverstein was encouraged by others to write poetry and because he never studied other poetry, he was able to develop his own unique style that is laid back as well as conversational. In the poem "The Edge of the World," the narrator figures out that the world is flat, no matter what anyone says, even Christopher Columbus. This poem creates a thought-provoking imagery as well as content that inspires and lets the reader know that they should be able to develop their own interpretations.
-Mallory Anderson

Shel Silverstein was an American poet, singer-songwriter, cartoonist, screenwriter, and author of children's books. In his poem, "Everything on It," he describes the unfortunate situation of a child who ordered a hot dog with everything on it, and received one with EVERYTHING on it. The poem creates vivid imagery of an insane creation from a local hot dog stand.

Langston Hughes was an African American poet during a time period called the Harlem Renaissance. His works embodied the culture of his people in the best light. He truly showed their love for music and life in his writings. However in this piece, Quiet Girl, he went in a completely different direction. Originally it appears to be a love poem, however the work is an insult to a female. Typically he would describe her to very bland things, such as a sleep without dreams and a night without stars, however she has eyes that shine and songs that sound lovely to the ear. But that's it.