Feminist criticism is the literary criticism based off of the feminist theory. It Involves using literary analysis techniques such as identifying with female characters, and seeing how both female and male characters are portrayed in the piece of literature.
Typical questions:
  • How is the relationship between men and women portrayed?
  • What are the power relationships between men and women (or characters assuming male/female roles)?
  • How are male and female roles defined?
  • What constitutes masculinity and femininity?
  • How do characters embody these traits?
  • Do characters take on traits from opposite genders? How so? How does this change others’ reactions to them?
  • What does the work reveal about the operations (economically, politically, socially, or psychologically) of patriarchy?
  • What does the work imply about the possibilities of sisterhood as a mode of resisting patriarchy?
  • What does the work say about women's creativity?
  • What does the history of the work's reception by the public and by the critics tell us about the operation of patriarchy?
  • What role the work play in terms of women's literary history and literary tradition? (Tyson)

Elizabeth Cady Stanton

What feminists critics do:
1 Rethink the canon, aiming at the rediscovery of texts written by women.
2. Revalue women's experience.
3. Examine the representations of women in literature by men and women
4. Challenge representations of women as "Other" as "Lack" as part of "Nature"
5.Examine power relations which obtain in texts and in life, with a view to breaking them down, seeing reading as a political act