Darren, Nikoda, and Kyle’s grandfather Elmo started an armor business. His armor was preferred by warriors who continuously fought in battle. The armor lasted for months even when heavily used. His son, the three boys’ father, Elmo, then took over the shop and continued to improve the armor and introduced weapons.

Crystal and Leah’s father, Nemo, used the Cearl’s armor and weapons. He won many battles and decided to join the two great families with marriages between his two daughters with the Cearl’s sons.


  1. Exfereon- Gold plated sword
  2. Spike Tron- Gold plated armor and helmet
  3. Cearl Land- own 10 sq. miles of land
  4. 10 black horses with red hair (Percheron)
  5. 5 Potbelly pigs
  6. 15 black angus steer
  7. 20 gold necklaces with ruby stones
  8. 10 gold rings with emerald stones
  9. Armor business
  10. A book
  11. A full grown dragon


DARREN: First born son of Kermit Cearl, grandson of Elmo Cearl. He is the head of household and the current head Cearl Armor. He is the best swordsmen in the village.

CRYSTAL: CAPTURED-(captured by Erin Aldwulf) Daughter of Nemo Brunger, sister of Leah, wife of Darren Cearl, head of the household. She is a famous warrior and head of the 12th clan. She is in charge of keeping her family history.

NIKODA: CAPTURED-(captured by Patrick Aldwulf). RECAPTURED-(Nikoda was taken back from the Aldwulf family). CAPTURED #2-(captured by Chris Aldwulf) Second born son of Kermit Cearl, grandson of Elmo Cearl. He is the herdsman of the family and provides food. He helps his brother Darren run Cearl Armor.

LEAH: KILLED-(killed in battle against Drew Caelin) Daughter of Nemo Brunger, sister of Crystal, wife of Nikoda, second born son of the Cearl family. She is the caregiver to the family and prepares food.

LEAH #2: CAPTURED-(captured by Chris Adlwulf) Was found wandering the land and taking in by the family. Marries Nik and becomes Vanessa's new mother.

KYLE: KILLED-(in battle against the Caelin family). Third and youngest son of Kermit Cearl, grandson of Elmo Cearl. He is the best at making armor and weapons for Cearl Armor and is skilled in swordsmanship.

VANESSA: Daughter of Nik Cearl, granddaughter of Kermit Cearl and wife of Kyle Cearl. She is a warrior in the 12th Clan and obeys the orders of Crystal Cearl.

KAYTLYN #2:(was from Caelin family, but was killed in battle by Vanessa). Is a servant for Vanessa.