THE CAELIN FAMILY HISTORYLong, long ago in a faraway land known as Camelot, the Caelin family was founded by a courageous warrior with a beard down to his toes with gold beads strung throughout. This warrior slayed 14 dragons give or take one or two. After slaying the dragons, he was able to capture the beautiful, blonde haired princess and create a kingdom constructed of Caelin children that have shaped history as we know it. Over many a year, they conquered many other kingdoms until they finally controlled much of the land. They settled in a town where they built the most magnificent castle in all of the land with doors of solid gold and floors of spectacular marble. After many generations, the present day Caelin family who currently lives in the family castle is out to conquer all of the land and the families who threaten to overtake them.
I am Ian Caelin, son of Thor Caelin and father of Drew Caelin, Emily Caelin, Kyreena Caelin, and Kaytlyn Caelin. I am the wielder of 10 golden swords which were won after an epic dual to the death with the ferocious King Arthur. My father was the mightiest warrior in all the land and conquered many villages and kingdoms. My children each have acquired their own prized possessions.
I, Kyreena Caelin, am the daughter of Ian Caelin, grandaughter of Thor Caelin, sister of Drew Caelin, Emily Caelin, and Twin Kate Caelin. I am the flibbertigibbet (a gossipy person) of the town. I have transfered many sacred tales of other families only to publicly humiliate them. I was once bribed by the others of the kingdom not to share their secret. Because I did hold that secret safe I recieved doors made of pure gold. To this very day, those gold doors remain on the Caelin castle.

I am Drew Caelin, the son of the great Ian Caelin, and the grandson of the all mighty warrior Thor Caelin. I am the carrier of a 2o pound golden boars head. I received the golden boars head when I fought Sir Lancelot from the far away land of Camelback. My grandfather, Thor Caelin, was a mighty warrior who conquered vast amounts of land including this piece of property my current establishment is on. My courageous father Ian Caelin fought and killed King Arthur to gain in our family’s possession 10 golden plated swords. I have the greatest family known to mankind and I will one day rule not only my family but my land.

I am Emily Caelin, daughter of Ian Caelin, granddaughter of Thor Caelin, sister to Kaytlyn Caelin, Kyreena Caelin, and Drew Caelin. I am keeper of the Caelin family's grand records. I have fought Lady Arthur of Marmur Land for her coat of tremendous jewels and succeeded in destroying her pride. I had traveled many miles to defeat Lady Arthur and retrieve the coat of jewels. My grand and wealthy family and I continue to defeat those who come in our way on our journey to conquer all.
I, Kate Caelin, am the daughter of the great Ian Caelin, grandaughter of Thor Caelin the mighty conqourer, twin of Kyreena, and sister of Emily, and Drew Caelin. My family depends on me to plan, arrange meetings, and to investigate the kingdom so that way we are always a step above the rest. I am also a very adventures young miss. One day I had been wandering through the enchanted forest and i happened up a bundle of mysterious ivory bones, so I took them home and used my brilliant mind and ideas in order to construct a beautiful chandelire for my prestigeous family's large castle. So altogether I am a very smart, creative, persuasive young lady who one day hopes to reign over the kingdom to be looked up to.