American Slavery:
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Douglass Bio
Uncle Tom's Cabin

Dred Scott- Dred was an African American who tried to fight for freedom.

Abraham Lincoln's involvement in slavery: (by Donna)
When Lincoln was young, his family fled to a free state so they would be away from slavery, so his initial thought was that it was something to get away from. His family didn't own slaves, and he rarely encountered many African American's in one place. On one of his boat trips to New Orleans, he saw slaves being mistreated and he felt really bad for them and knew it was wrong. He said in many of his speeches that he was a slave once, and that everyone has been at some point in time. He worked for his father, and his father made him give every penny made to the family. His father also made him work for his neighbors, and turn that money over to him. Abraham Lincoln's experiences with slavery
During his presidency, he worked to end slavery. After the Dred Scott case, he spoke out about ending slavery. Lincoln and slavery